Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a breed of small milk
goats of West African origin. Little is known
about their ancestry, but they are probably
related to pygmy goats. Unlike their shorter,
stockier cousins, however, the Nigerian Dwarf
should appear to be a miniature milk goat.

Both male and female Nigerian Dwarves can
have horns or be naturally polled (hornless.)  As
Nigerians are considered dairy goats, the horn
buds are usually removed very early.  Naturally
polled goats can present certain breeding

An American Goat Society Nigerian Dwarf doe
should measure  22 1/2 inches tall or less, while
bucks may measure an inch taller. Babies weigh
a couple of pounds at birth.

For more information about Nigerian Dwarf
colors and patterns, visit the website of the
American Goat Society.
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Nigerian Dwarf Goats can have
either blue or brown eyes. Anna
(above) has beautiful china-blue
Sarah holding John, one of our newest
kids. With care, Nigerian Dwarf kids
become affectionate pets.
Hershey is a wether, a neutered male. Wethers make
great pets and can even be trained to pull small carts.
The Hoegger Goat Supply Company sells harnesses
and carts for "working goats."