About the Angoras

Our Angoras have been some of the sweetest goats that
we’ve ever had. They are gentle and some are very
loving. Of course, they also produce beautiful fiber! We
are offering undyed mohair in small quantities to doll-
makers and spinners, who sometimes have a hard time
finding mohair for special projects.

Angora goats are usually sheared twice a year (they
really appreciate it before it gets hot in the summer!)  
Kid mohair is the softest, while adults’ fiber is
longer. The fiber has a natural sheen and is extremely

We have two colors of Angoras: white and black/tan.
We’ll have to see what color babies we have next
The angoras are affectionately called the
"poodle-boys" and "poodle-girls." Here is one
of the poodle-girls as a young kid.
General Mohair Pricing and Information

If you live in the East Texas area, you’re welcome to make an appointment to come by, see the goats and select your mohair. If not,
tell us what you need and we’ll select some mohair and email you a photo to approve. In some cases we can even tell you which goat
is supplying your mohair!  Below are some photos to give you a general idea of the quality and pricing.

Color: The luster, crimp & color even of the "white" mohair varies greatly. We will do our best to give you a good idea of the color,
length and crimp of the mohair you purchase. Let you know what you need and we'll pick some out for you!
Spinners Note: This cutting is still technically considered “kid� mohair, which is softer than adult mohair. Be aware, however, that
mohair can be surprisingly prickly if made into a garment worn next to the skin. If in doubt, send for a small sample and see if the mohair
bothers you before spinning yarn and knitting that special sweater!
Our mohair is not commercially
processed; we wash it by hand and itâ
€™s dried on our convenient drying rack
(think: 101 ways to use an old satellite

Unwashed D- $20/ lb. ($1.25 oz) unwashed/unsorted white (no dung tags
or sticks, though). Expect vegetable matter, hay and lots of dirt. Angoras
are NOT very clean sometimes.

Mohair B- $16 ½ lb/ $2 oz. for hand-washed white mohair with some
vegetable matter. This is matted and spinners will want to card this. (See
example below). Mats will come out when carded.

Mohair A- $2.50 oz  for hand-washed white mohair with some vegetable
matter. This is matted and spinners will want to card this. (See example
below). Mats will come out when carded.

Combed A or AA- $3 to 3.50 oz. for hand-washed white, hand-combed.
There may still be a tiny amount of vegetable matter in A.

Locks A- $8 oz. special locks for dollmakers. These may have a few
pieces of vegetable matter.  Expect a little natural yellowing on the ends in
most cases.

Locks AA - $10 oz. for special, hand-selected locks for doll-makers. We
also sell ½ oz if you don’t need that much. (An oz. of mohair can be
a lot for a small doll.) At present we do not have any “super long�
locks. Our goats simply aren’t old enough. The locks that we offer
here, however, are very lustrous and usually come from the "beards" or
neck area of the goats. Expect a little yellowing on the ends in most cases.

Below: Mohair A or AA: washed but not carded or combed. Some small locks might
could be separated for individual use, but mostly this would need to be carded/combed.
Leah and Rachel are our two black
Angoras. Rachel LOVES  to try to come
into the feed room.
Example of B Grade Fluff-
Some vegetable matter.
This "black" is rather grizzled gray. We will send photos.

Hand-Washed Natural Black Mohair: $11 oz short locks or $8 oz. carded fluff.  
Limited quantities. Leah and Rachel thank you!
Above: Combed AA mohair with natural crimp.
for doll wigs and beards.

Below: Natural mohair locks for dollmakers.