NIKE Nike spent so much time indoors as
a kid that she lost her fear of dogs. When
she escaped into a neighbor's yard, she was
easy prey. A sweeter baby goat never lived.
Kerubim Diana the pgymy's kid. Born
and Died March 2, 2006
ALMAS  d. 11-22-2006 Almas was a
sweet, galloping, big lug of a puppy. He was
a faithful barker (even at passing airplanes)
and best buddies with Eustace the ram.
Almas loved to "wander," though- and found
that the local convenience store across the
highway was attractive. We found his body
on the road and Stephen and a kind neighbor
laid it to rest.
Are not two sparrows sold for a penny ? Yet not one of them will fall to the
ground apart from the will of your Father.
Matthew 10:29
APOLLO d. 12-21-2006   APOLLO
was the young son of Polly and Big
Tex. An operation saved him and
bought him a few more months of life,
but he was never healthy again. After
several days of just "looking down," he
slipped away on the afternoon of
12-21-2006. When we found him, his
still-warm body was being snuggled by
Thor the Pyr. We were sorry to lose
Apollo, but are glad that his sufferings
are at an end.
VICTORIA ANGORA  d. 2/13/07  
Victoria was a special goat- one of the most
loving caprines that we probably ever will
have. Due to her advanced age, I don't think
she could see well, so she loved to put her
nose in my hair and smell of it. Victoria was
fine one day and very ill by the next morning.
We wrapped her in blankets and put her
under a warming light. The vet speculated
that she may have had a cardiac problem, as
she died quickly and did not suffer long. She
died in the goat shed surrounded by her
herdmates and the guardian dogs, with the
tiny kids playing around her.
ESTHER b. 2/12/07 d. 2/13/07  Daughter
of Sheba & Zeus. Died after a short, acute
APRIL b. 4/13/07 d.4/15/07 April was the
daughter of Holly Jolly & Zeus. This sweet little girl
got too cold one night and never recovered. Holly
got to see her baby and licked little April before
the kid died. She is buried on Grandpa Faulk's
place in Louisiana.
Goldi  was one of the matriarchs of our
herd and lived to be about 14.  In her last
year she suffered greatly from arthritis, but
she stayed active and contented until the
end. She died peacefully at the vet's office.
Polly passed away after developing an unusual chemical
imbalance that the vet was not able to diagnose. She lived a
good, long life, seeing her daughters Diana and Hippolyta,  and
grand-daughters join the herd.
Daisy Mae was a special goat in our herd. She was
incredibly friendly, even nipping to get your attention. She
was so sweet...and most of her offspring have been like her.
Daisy died at a good, old age. She left behind her orphan
daughter, Daisy, as well as her daughter Maebell who is a Jr.
Angel & Blackie Poodler-  Blackie Poodler was
our black angora doe. Before Angel was born,
Blackie developed pregnancy toxemia and Angel
was born a little too soon and under stressful
conditions. Little Angel lived three days and then
passed away in her sleep, never able to walk.  
Blackie never recovered from her illness and from
losing her kid....She passed away 2 weeks later, still
searching for her baby.  They are both buried
together in the garden.
It may seem strange that we have a page like this, considering the number of animals that we have on our farm. But some of our animals are very special
to us...they touch our lives and deserved to be remembered.

We try to give our animals as happy and normal a life as possible when they are with us. When their time to leave us comes, we want them to pass away
with dignity, hopefully with a full belly and surrounded by their offspring or herd mates and feeling safe and warm. We try to be present when babies are
born and when our animals pass away. God has given them into our care and we do the best we can for them. I think they comprehend this in some way
and know they can trust us in times of pain or illness.