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Below: Nugget and Dolly are our smallest mini horses.
Nugget is 28" at the withers; Dolly is 26".
Delilah is a mini-donkey. She's sweet and Sarah calls
her "My Lilah!"  Delilah and her friend Sue help keep
the little goats safe.
Here's Puck the mini-horse standing under a
double rainbow.
Puck actually likes to pull the
light cart. He's a natural
trotter. Sometimes Sarah rides
him and I drive Crusader and
the dogs go with us down the
road to the creek.
Left: This is the first time
Sarah drove Puck by herself.
Above: Crusader likes to get dirty, but he's really cute
when he's clean!  He once made an appearance as a
unicorn at Sarah's birthday party!