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For more about draft horses, see the bottom of the page.
DRAFT HORSES comprise the horse breeds once used for
pulling heavy loads. Most drafts are big and are bred to have
a quiet, dependable temperament. (This is important if you're
dealing with a team of 2 or more horses, each horse of which
may weigh a ton or more!)

Perhaps the most recognized draft breeds in the U.S. are the
Belgian, Percheron, Shire and Clydesdale, but there are
many others, including the American Cream Draft.

Draft horses are big and big-boned. The tallest of the draft
breeds is usually the Shire. They  are usually 16 hands (a
hand = 4 inches) are taller at the withers (base of mane).
Some are 21 hands tall, or perhaps even taller. The heaviest
drafts are usually a form of Belgian called a "Brabant."
These horses may weigh 3,000 lbs.
Left: Miss Jessy & Eve enjoy the shade on a hot afternoon.

Miss Jessy (Missy) is a Belgian mare. She's everything you could want in
a draft horse: quiet, gentle, and very friendly.  It's amazing to see Sarah
ride this big horse!

Miss Jessy comes to us from her former home as a wedding-carriage
horse at lovely Gallagher Gardens in Texarkana.
Here's Lillith, the Drum-Horse filly with Ares, our
Clydesdale gelding.

Our beloved Lillith passed away on Sept. 7, 2011 after a
short illness. She will always be remembered.
Eve is our Shire mare. She's large and in-charge.  Athena the
Great Dane is in the background.