THOR- Faithful Guardian  2006-2012
Thor loved "his" baby goats.  Once, when coyotes
were very nearby and we had tiny goat kids,  Thor
would not even let me (Shanna) or the mother goats
into the kids' pen until the coyotes were further away.
We still miss Thor, and he's the model against which
we judge all other Pyrs.
Our former Pyrs, Hilda and Thor,
CHARLIE PAWS   started out as a foster
dog, but Sarah loved him so that he became
a member of the family.

He loves to swim in the pond and chase the
ducks.  Here, Sarah has him dressed up in a
western shirt.

Charlie also gets regular homeschool
lessons from Sarah. When he learns his
ABCs, we're putting him on Jay Leno.
ATHENA - Beloved Dane  2003-2013
"I deserve some peanut butter."
Athena was "Queen of the House" and accomplished
counter-surfer.   As a puppy, she could say "mama" so clearly
that it freaked out a workman.  She was active until the day
before her death, and we were shocked to learn she was dying
of heart and kidney failure.  She was peacefully put to sleep
and is buried on the farm.  
Marduk is our male Dane.  We adopted him because we always thought Big Toe would pass
away first, and Marduk would be a friend for Athena.  As it happened, Athena left us first,
but Marduk was still a companion to the aging Plato.  Now he and Minerva are the Danes
in our household.

Marduk is quite shy, but he is a beautiful dog and very loving to the family.  
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Friends, Fosters
& Funny Pix
Sarah loves dogs and we have several different types of dogs
for companionship and farm-work.

House Dogs-  
Bella & Marduk the Danes, Houston the Border
Collie mix,
Sadie the Lab, Dixie-Doodle the Heeler mix,  and
Charlie the Spaniel

Farm Dogs-
Persephone the Working Farm Collie & Onyx her

Visitor- Socket, the neighbor's Black Lab & Onyx's father
(Ooops! Never would guess that chunky Lab could climb!)

We also usually take in a few "dumped" dogs and foster dogs
every year until they find their forever home.
ALMAS  (Right)
The Sheep's Friend
Almas was a Pyr-Anatolian Mix who
took to wandering and made it all the
way to the highway, but he didn't get
PLATO  "Big Toe"  DUCK
? -  d. 4-6-2013

Plato always had the perfect Dane temperament, quiet,
gentle, calm, and laid-back.  He was the ideal dog to take
to the nursing home, because he was quiet. The men there
liked him because he looked like a "man's dog."  For the
last three years of his life, Plato suffered from spinal
degeneration, but he still had good quality of life.   After
Athena's unexpected death, however, his condition
deteriorated quickly and he was put to sleep peacefully in
his accustomed place in front of the TV.   He is buried
beside his life-mate, Athena.
HOUSTON was a dumped, mangy, wormy puppy we
found at our church and took in.  Now he's a shiny-coated
little ring-tail, earning  the nickname  "Mr. Big Stuff."    
He's my baby-boy, a rather large lap-dog at times, and
rather spoiled.

To see more about Houston's story, click
Minerva was the sweetest Dane we've ever
had.  Her accidental death was left an empty
place in our family and in the pack.
Right: Crashed out!    Sarah asleep
with two foundling puppies: Dixie &
Bella joined our family in March, 2016.  At
present  she's a big, goofy puppy.  It's always
hard to believe that these clumsy puppies will
mature into majestic, graceful Danes!
DIXIE DOODLE is one of the
puppies that we found by the
creek in 2014.  She's probably a
Red Heeler/Pit Mix.  She's a
sweetheart and will alert you of
snakes and other dangers.
SADIE (Faith)  is a foster dog
whose family could no longer
keep her.  She's a SWEET old
girl. Here, she's babysitting some