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Meet Josette!   A kind passerby took baby Josette in after she was thrown out of a car,
and we are fostering her.  She is either a Catahoula or a Catahoula mix.  Three things
are for certain:  she's adorable, she's smart, and she LOVES to climb!  
Aurora is still a goofy puppy, but she and
her brother Tundra are learning to be
guardian dogs for the goats.
Life changes. After all these years raising Nigerian Dwarf goats, we're going in a new
direction.  We'll still have a few goats and sheep, but cows are less labor intensive on a
daily basis.

Some of our older animal friends have now gone on to their rewards. It's hard to say
goodbye after over a decade of companionship, but it has opened up room for new
friends to join our family.
Sarah is becoming quite the photographer.  
Sweet old Loki-goat is still with
us (center).  He's probably about
14 now, and crippled in one hip,
but he's still going strong.  It's
amazing how quickly he can
move when food is involved!